The seminar on the development of the nature protection plan was held in lively and interesting discussions. In order to ensure the easy application of the nature protection plan, the project partners shared ideas and responsibilities for the development of the plan at the seminar.

"The task of nature protection plans is to coordinate nature conservation, use of natural resources, development of wind parks, sustainable fishing, promotion of recreational opportunities and other interests in such a way that the unique natural and cultural-historical values of the specially protected marine area are preserved," emphasizes the Nature Protection Department of the Nature Protection Agency director Gita Strode.

Biodiversity protection measures must take place at the scale of the entire ecosystem, so a balanced and thought-out nature protection plan is necessary. The nature protection plan determines the necessary nature protection and permissible economic activities, in accordance with nature values.

Such a document is necessary to balance nature protection and economic interests, as well as to solve various problem situations in specially protected marine areas.

Photo: Gunta Gabrāne