Researchers finds very rare fish species in Baltic Sea

Researching the Baltic Sea reefs during the LIFE REEF project, this summer the researchers not only...

Chinese mitten-crab Eriocheir sinensis

Chinese mitten-crab Eriocheir sinensis. During a walk along the coastline of the Baltic Sea, LIFE R...

Common shelduck Tadorna tadorna

At the beginning of waterbird hunting season, we want to introduce to the Specially Protected Bird ...

LIFE REEF team takes part in the summer camp of the young riders

During the period from 12 to 14 July, summer camp “Discovering Coastal Secrets for Latvian ne...

Bulls not only in meadows but also in the sea

As the midsummer festival is by the corner, the REEF project presents one of the species of sea bul...

The first expedition in mapping reefs of Baltic Sea was successful

Marine research has taken place within the LIFE REEF project from 3 June to 7 June. With the sailin...



LHEI septembra ekspedīcija dziļo sēkļu izpētē

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Zivju sabiedrību novērtēšana Baltijas jūrā. BIOR pirmā ekspedīcija

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Sāmsalas dižpīle Tadorna tadorna

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