Chinese mitten-crab Eriocheir sinensis. During a walk along the coastline of the Baltic Sea, LIFE REEF team invites to observe nature biodiversity and report to the Manager of Invasive Species, if you meet the Chinese mitten-crab that is not representative species of Latvian Fauna.

One of the main signs of identifying Chinese mitten-crab is thick hair on the jaws. It has a square-shaped shell, the width of the skull shield reaches 5-7 cm, in some cases up to 10 cm. The colour of individuals may vary from yellow to brown, uncommon reddish tone.

The Chinese mitten-crab is oesophagus and possibly can contribute to a reduction of the number of native invertebrate species. They may also have a negative impact on commercial and recreational fishery by catching up in nets or damaging (eating) fishes caught there.