During this year's Researchers' Night, an exploration adventure of the “Underwater Kingdom” of the Baltic Sea took place in the territory of the LIFE REEF project partner Latvian Hydroroecology Institute. In person, 423 visitors enjoyed the event. Visitors were offered to discover various things in the Baltic Sea world. The scientists introduced unusual marine research devices and helped to try on the heavy divers' outfits.

The smaller visitors themselves captured every marine scientist's story about the secrets of the depths of the Baltic Sea and gained new knowledge of natural values on the coast in various learning and interactive activities in Latvia in the first mobile nature class.

Visitors to the colorful underwater world looked at the short films created by the project for the fourhorn sculpin, the Chinese mitten crab, the common shelduck, and other marine species.

There, for the first time, there was an opportunity to publicly discover the amazing world of the Baltic Sea in the photos of the exhibition "Baltic Deep Sea". There are not many people who have seen such sights in the Baltic Sea with their own eyes. Maybe only marine explorers and professional divers.

The exhibition includes underwater oxygen producer pink algae and water clarity promoters - clams and abalone. No less interesting inhabitant of the sea is the most common jellyfish in the Baltic Sea. Almost no one was left indifferent by the colorful butterfish, long-spined bull-rout, flounder and fourhorn scuplin portraits. The photo exhibition "Baltic Deep Sea" also introduces alien invasive species, the Chinese mitten crab and the round goby, as well as its "snack table" - boulders overgrown with northern mussels and acorns.

On behalf of the LIFE REEF project, Ilze Sabule thanks all the visitors for their interest and the time they spent attending the Night of Scientists.

Apply for exhibiting the exhibition in your municipality, library, museum, exhibition hall - possibly by writing to gunta.gabrane@daba.gov.lv or by calling 29123431.